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When it comes to holiday sweaters, the uglier, the better. Sometimes, that’ll mean embracing cheesy puns, gaudy patterns, outrageous prints or even all of the above. To help you shine (perhaps literally) at your next holiday party, we’ve gathered up some of the best (or worst?) ugly holiday sweaters Amazon has to offer!

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1. Ugliest Sweater Award Winner

With this sweater, everyone wins the ugly sweater contest! As an added bonus, you’ll be sure to get attention walking around with a mirror on your sweater!

Image Credit: Amazon.

2. Take Me Gnome Tonight

What’s better than this combination of a classic song reference, party vibes and holiday spirit?

Image Credit: Amazon.

3. Kitten Collage

While this listing has a plethora of gauche collages, none of them were quite as stomach churning as this terribly Photoshopped collage of Christmas kittens!

Image Credit: Amazon.

4. Cheesy Yuletide Icons

If you’re looking to embrace all the classic holiday figures (think Santa, trees and gingerbread men), this tacky light-up sweater may fit the bill!

Image Credit: Amazon.

5. I Love You A Latke

Christmas isn’t the only holiday in December! Show off your love for latkes with this ugly Hanukkah sweater!

Image Credit: Amazon.

6. 80s-Inspired Pom Poms

Go retro with this throwback to yellow and blue stripes adorned with over-the-top gold garland and matching Pom Poms.

Image Credit: Amazon.

7. Santa Kitty in a Pizza Galaxy

This mismatch of pizza, fighting cats and galaxy patterns might just give you a nightmare before Christmas!

Image Credit: Amazon.

8. Hunky Gingerbread Man

OK, so this one isn’t exactly Santa-kitty-in-a-pizza-galaxy level of ugly. But it was too cute and dad-joke-esque not to include!

Image Credit: Amazon.

9. Merry Catmas

Ah, cats again. We couldn’t forget about the kids in your life, though. Plus, we thought this cat wreath with a real bow would look great with most of the adult-sized sweaters on this list!

Image Credit: Amazon.

10. Elf Road

Pay homage to your favorite band (as long as that’s the Beatles, anyways!) with this clever take on the iconic Abbey Road cover album art.

Image Credit: Amazon.

11. Santa in the Galaxy

We’re embracing two early 2000s trends in one with this one: galaxies and unicorns! Because the only thing better (or worse, we guess) than one outdated reference is two!

Image Credit: Santa in the Galaxy sweater by (None).

12. Santa on Vacation

Give out some rad Bahama vibes with this light-up sweater featuring a sunburnt Santa.

Image Credit: Amazon.

13. They See Me Rollin

Sparkly dreidels and a music pun? Yes, please!

Image Credit: Amazon.

14. Novelty Nutcracker

If you’re looking for a classic holiday ugly sweater, this novelty nutcracker knit may be for you. It even features 3D holiday lights that flash!

Image Credit: Novelty Nutcracker sweater by (None).

15. Tassel Trees

Are flashing lightbulbs too much for your sweater tastes? Try some Christmas tree-inspired tassels instead.

Image Credit: Amazon.

16. May the spirit be With You

This may not be an actual sweater, but for those of us lucky to be spending the holidays in a more tropical location, this t-shirt can help you get into the holiday spirit without sweating like Frosty near an open fire!

Image Credit: Amazon.

17. Snowtorious

You’ll get B.I.G. ugly sweater props with this pick!

Image Credit: Amazon.

18. All the Bells & Whistles

Can’t decide between holiday lights, trees, snowflakes, Santa or plaid? With this option, you can have all the bells and whistles you want (well, whistles not included … at least we don’t think so!).

Image Credit: Amazon.

19. Decked-Out Dog

Cats, step aside! Dogs can be cheesy, too, including this cool dude rocking Christmas tree sunglasses and a Santa headband.

Image Credit: Amazon.

20. Menorasaurus

Ah, who doesn’t love a good pun … need we say more?

Image Credit: Amazon.

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