50 of the world’s most beautiful beaches


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If the cold winter weather and the enduring pandemic have you craving hot sands, turquoise waters and romantic sunsets, well, you’re in luck(ish). Our latest gallery lets you take a scroll instead of a stroll across the world’s most beautiful beaches.

The world’s most beautiful beaches

Durdle Door Beach
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1. Durdle Door, England

This beach along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England, is famous for its Durdle Door, a stone archway created when the ocean tunneled through the limestone about 10,000 years ago.

Beau Vallon Beach
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2. Beau Vallon, Seychelles

This beautiful tropical beach on Mahé’ Island is considered one of the most popular beaches in the Seychelles.

Punalu'u Beach
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3. Punalu’u Beach, United States

The black sand on this beach on Hawaii’s Big Island was created by lava flowing into the ocean. 

SL_Photography / iStock

4. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum’s beaches along the coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula are surrounded by picture-perfect ancient Mayan ruins — perfect for generating envy on Instagram.

Maya Bay Beach
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5. Maya Bay Beach, Thailand

This majestic beach on Phi Phi Le Island became so popular after serving as the backdrop for Leonardo DiCaprio thriller “The Beach” that it was shut down as part of a conservation effort in 2018. 

Boracay Beach
saiko3p / iStock

6. Boracay Beach, Philippines

This beautiful beach’s most iconic landmark is Willy’s Rock, a volcanic formation topped by a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Whitehaven Beach
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7. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

This stunning beach on Australia’s Whitsunday Island gets its distinctive look from the white silica sand swirling with the turquoise tide.

Pfeiffer Beach
AndrewHelwich / iStock

8. Pfeiffer Beach, United States

Located in the heart of California’s Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach has a number of notable qualities, including swaths of purple sand, natural rock arches and swirling tide pools.

Dune of Pilat
Kevin LEBRE / iStock

9. Dune of Pilat, France

Tourists are known to go bodyboarding down Europe’s tallest sand dune, towering over France’s Arcachon Bay. 

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Navagio Beach
MuYeeTing / iStock

10. Navagio, Greece

Located on the Greek island of Zakynthos, this breathtaking beach, also known as “Shipwreck Island” or “Smuggler’s Cove” can only be reached by boat.

The Baths
Mary Baratto / iStock

11. The Baths, British Virgin Islands

This beach on Virgin Gorda’s north shore stands out, thanks to the distinct granite boulders dotting its white sands.

Miramar Beach
Ruth Peterkin / iStock

12. Miramar Beach, United States

This charming beach in Destin, Florida features white sands, emerald waters and a thriving underwater population. (The town is often referred to as the “world’s luckiest fishing village.”)

Praia da Marinha
DaLiu / iStock

13. Praia da Marinha, Portugal

This gorgeous beach on Portugal’s southern coast is a feast for the eyes with its deep turquoise waters and orange limestone cliffs.

Rabbit Beach
Giacomo Scandroglio / iStock

14. Rabbit Beach, Italy

This small, but stunning beach is located on the Isola dei Conigli(a.k.a. Rabbit Island), a tiny island off the coast of Sicily.

Anse Source d'Argent
Diamond Dogs / iStock

15. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Crystal clear water, white sands, granite formations and lush vegetation make this beach on the Seychelles’ La Digue Island perfect for panoramas. 

Ipanema Beach
diegograndi / iStock

16. Ipanema Beach, Brazil

This bustling beach in Rio de Janeiro is known for its vibrant social scene.

Zlatni Rat
HaroBEG / iStock

17. Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Located on the Croatian island of Brač, this beautiful beach, also known as “The Golden Horn,” is known for its distinct, elongated shape.

myrtle beach

18. Myrtle Beach, United States

South Carolina’s popular tourist town features 60-miles of sandy beaches.

Bondi Beach, Australia
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19. Bondi Beach, Australia

Sydney sightseers shouldn’t pass up a visit to Bondi Beach, one of the country’s most famous stretches of sand. (Learn more facts about Australia.)

waikiki beach

20. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

The bustling beach along the south shore of Honolulu pairs beautiful scenery (Diamond Head serves as its backdrop) with all the activities (surfing, canoeing, free Hula shows) a vacationer desires.

den-belitsky / iStock

21. Oludeniz, Turkey

The highlight of this beach village on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey is its Blue Lagoon, a stretch of azure water, perfect for paddle-boarding and canoeing.

Hapuna Beach
Flickr / eggrole

22. Hapuna Beach, United States

This beautiful beach along Hawaii’s Kohala Coast is known for its consistently good swimming and snorkeling conditions. 

Trunk Bay
SeanPavonePhoto / iStock

23. Trunk Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands

This white sand beach on St. John’s Island is considered the territory’s showpiece, per its National Park Service

Phra Nang Cave Beach
ad_foto / iStock

24. Phra Nang Cave Beach, Thailand

You’ll need to take a boat to reach this beach in Krabi, Thailand, which houses a shrine to its eponymous princess goddess.

narragansett beach

25. Narragansett Beach, United States

Visitors to this New England beach can get a good glimpse of The Towers, a historic remnant of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Pier Casino built in the 1880s.

Ruby Beach

26. Ruby Beach, United States

Located in Washington’s Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach is famous for its reddish sands, floating driftwoods and large ruby-shaped rock islands, called “sea stacks.”

Glowing beaches in Maldives
PawelG Photo/ iStock

27. Glowing Beach, the Maldives

The night-time neon sands of this beach on the Maldives’ Vaadhoo Island is caused by blooms of bioluminescent plankton. You can typically see the glow between mid-summer and winter, though it can appear at any time. 

Platja d'Illetes
Alex / iStock

28. Platja d’Illetes, Spain

Located on Spain’s Formentera island, this white sand beach, whose name means “beach of the small islands,“ is known for its shallow, turquoise waters and natural rocky divide. 

Matira Beach
Niklas Flindt / iStock

29. Matira Beach, Bora Bora

The largest public access beach in lush, intimate Bora Bora features clear waters and soft, “downy” sands.

Polihale Beach, Hawaii

30. Polihale Beach, United States

Located on the west coast of Kauai, Polihale’s white sands stretch for 17 miles.

South Beach, Miami
Meinzahn / iStock

31. Miami Beach, Florida

The Florida hotspot attracts over seven million visitors (in non-pandemic years), thanks to its sparkling sands and vibrant nightlife.

Grace Bay Beach
KenRinger / iStock

32. Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

The beautiful white sand beach is easily accessible via the bevy of beautiful resorts and hotels lining the island of Providenciales.

Harris Beach
artiste9999 / iStock

33. Harris Beach, United States

If you like your nature a little rugged, this rocky, wildlife-rich beach in Oregon’s Harris Beach State Park is a must-visit. You might catch a glimpse of migrating gray whales in spring or winter. 

Hidden Beach
CassielMx / iStock

34. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Also known as Playa del Amor, this beach cavern on Mexico’s Marieta Islands is believed to have been created by military testing by the government in the 1900s. Now the beach is a popular tourist destination, though visitors have to swim or kayak to the site.

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Flamenco Beach
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35. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Located on the island of Culebra, this public beach is known for its stunning white sands and “practically waveless” waters.

Monterosso Al Mare
yrabota / iStock

36. Monterosso Al Mare, Italy

Located in the small town of Monterosso in the Cinque Terre Park, this beautiful sandy beach is a must-see for visitors to the Italian Riviera.

Kaputas Beach
alice in otherland / iStock

37. Kaputas Beach, Turkey

This small, but beautiful beach in southwestern Turkey is a great place to take in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Boulders Beach
WitR / iStock

38. Boulders Beach, South Africa

This popular public beach in Cape Town is home to a colony of adorable African penguins.

Eagle Beach
Nisangha / iStock

39. Eagle Beach, Aruba

The flagship feature of Aruba’s widest beach is its famous fofoti trees, which point directly toward the water.

Pig Beach
shalamov / iStock

40. Pig Beach, the Bahamas

You may recall Exuma’s beautiful Pig Beach (and its adorable swine) from the ill-fated Fyre Festival advertising spots and subsequent documentaries.

Cannon Beach
AndrewSoundarajan / iStock

41. Cannon Beach, United States

Located about 90 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon, this sandy beach is home to Haystack Rock, a 235-feet wonder you can walk to during low tide.

Ora Beach
2MN / iStock

42. Ora Beach, Indonesia

Located on the island of Seram, this tranquil beach and its surrounding resort has become a popular hotspot for honeymooners.

Horseshoe Bay
andykazie / iStock

43. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Light pink sands and clear blue waters have made this stretch of coast on Bermuda’s South Shore one of “the world’s most Instagrammed beaches.”

Elafonissi Beach
JNemchinova / iStock

44. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Fans of pink sands will want to put this beautiful beach on the island of Crete at the top their bucket lists.

Reynisfjara Beach
Mathias Rhode / iStock

45. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Prospective visitors to this famous black sand beach outside of Reykjavík travel at their own risk. The beach is known for its dangerous sneaker-waves, freezing cold waters, and exceptionally strong riptides.

Sebago Lake
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46. Sebago Lake, Maine

This large lake in southern Maine is surrounded by sandy beaches and lush forests. You can check out more stunning bodies of water in our gallery of the world’s most beautiful lakes.

As Catedrais Beach
LuisVilanova / iStock

47. As Catedrais Beach, Spain

Also known as the “Holy Waters Beach,” this gorgeous stretch on the northwest coast of Spain is famous for the natural archways (or “cathedrals”) created by the Cantabrian Sea.

Champagne Beach
Frizi / iStock

48. Champagne Beach, Vanuatu

This beautiful beach in the South Pacific gets its name from the shape of the coastline, which curves to form an old-fashioned champagne flute.

Kerachut Beach
nakata_sahc / iStock

49. Kerachut Beach, Malaysia

This peaceful, remote beach within the Penang National Park can only be reached by boat or trekking.

Seven Mile Beach
mikolajn / iStock

50. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

Located on the western side of Grand Cayman, this public beach is known for its spectacular sunsets. 

Neuschwanstein Castle
taranchic / iStock

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