50 student deals & discounts for back-to-school season


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It’s back-to-school season, which means students are hitting the mall for school supplies and clothes. Between pencils, backpacks, shoes and computers, costs can add up. Luckily, there are a host of freebies and discounts available for students of all ages.

With the first day of school right around the corner, now is the perfect time to shop. Here’s a complete list of all the great deals for things anyone can use when heading back to class.

Before you shop, check out this back-to-school checklist.

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1. Amazon Prime

College students can get a free six-month trial Amazon Prime membership. This gives you access to perks like free two-day shipping, deals on school supplies and unlimited streaming of Prime movies and TV shows.

Here’s a list of the best Amazon Prime freebies, discounts and deals.

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2. Office 365 Education

Getting all your school assignments completed on time has never been easier. Provide your school email address and Microsoft will give you access to Office 365, which includes free tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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3. Budgeting spreadsheet

Keep track of your money while you’re in school with this free budgeting spreadsheet designed specifically for college students. It measures income against expenses — you can download and personalize it to fit your lifestyle.

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4. Budgeting software

Want to take your budgeting mobile? Students can use YouNeedaBudget.com free for one year. The budgeting tool normally costs $83.99.

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5. Financial advice

Parents and students can get some easy money tips sent straight to their inbox every Friday by signing up for this weekly money newsletter.

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6. Credit reports

Your credit score matters — it affects things like getting a loan or renting an apartment. Some employers even look at a version of your credit report as part of the application process, so it pays to keep an eye on your scores. Get a free credit report from each major credit bureau — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — every 12 months by visiting AnnualCreditReport.com. Here is a guide on reading a credit report.

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7. Car insurance

New and young drivers are typically charged higher rates than older and more experienced drivers. Luckily, insurers offer a host of discounts to student drivers, including one for maintaining good grades. Learn more about car insurance discounts for students.

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8. Spotify subscription

Want unlimited music for a lower cost? Spotify, who recently teamed up with Hulu and Showtime, offers its premium music, movies and TV service to students for only $4.99 a month.

Here are some other affordable ways to get unlimited music.

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9. Audible

Keeping up with reading outside of class and your social life isn’t always easy. Listen to one audio book each month, in addition to two Audible original stories, at a discounted price by using your student email.

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10. Apple freebies

Need a new computer or tablet this school year? Apple offers “education pricing” that gives eligible students a discount on their overall purchase, 20% off AppleCare and free Beats headphones.

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11. Music production software

Aspiring DJs can get their groove on with a discount on the popular music production program Ableton. The discount is available for any full-time students and many part-time students and educators.

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12. Adobe Creative Cloud

For students interested in image or video editing, Adobe offers a 60% discount on subscriptions to its Creative Cloud suite, which includes access to programs like Photoshop and Premiere.

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13. Coding lessons

Students and parents can learn to code for free via FreeCodeCamp.org. Read this interview with the non-profit’s founder to learn why he started offering free lessons.

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14. Skillshare

If you’re a college student looking to make the most of your education, you can get access to over 30,000 additional classes across all kinds of categories: design, business, lifestyle, etc, on Skillshare. They are currently offering one month free for students.

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15. Unidays

Students can get discounts on clothing, shoes, tech, and travel on Uniday’s website. This site is perfect for the budget-conscious student who needs to stock up on various products for the new school year. Just enter your school email address for free access to exclusive offers.

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16. Evernote

Are you an online note-taker? Students can get 50% off a year of note-taking tool Evernote Premium with a valid school email address. Evernote Premium typically costs $7.99 a month.

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17. Personal websites

Looking to promote your work? Students get 50% of their first year of Squarespace when they use an academic email address.

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18. Checking account

Many banks, including Chase and TD, waive service fees on checking accounts while students are enrolled in college. Some even throw in bonus cash for signing up.

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19. Scholarships

Knock a few thousand off your tuition by applying for scholarships. Awardees give out money for many reasons, from academic achievement to cultural background. You can use the Department of Labor’s free scholarship finder to find one.

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20. Password manager

Students with a valid school email address can receive six months of LastPass Premium to protect all their academic and personal accounts.

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21. Online newspaper subscriptions

Students can purchase a New York Times subscription with unlimited article access, archive access and subscriber exclusives for only $1 per month — as opposed to the regular price of $3.75 per week. The Economist gives students an exclusive six-month subscription for only $3 per week ($75 total). Lastly, students can get discounted rates for both print and digital Wall Street Journal subscriptions for $1 for 15 weeks, and if you’re enrolled in a university you might even get unlimited access.

Here’s our complete list of newspaper subscriptions.

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22. Penske

Packing up all of your childhood belongings for college can be challenging. Luckily, truck rental company Penske is offering students a 10% discount on their next truck rentals. As a bonus, there’s no underage surcharges for renters 18-23 years old — unlike most rental car companies.

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23. FedEx shipping discount

Want to send something home to show your family that you’re surviving on your own? Students can save 20% when shipping a package through FedEx.

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24. Pottery Barn deals

Looking to furnish your dorm room or apartment? Sign up for Pottery Barn Teen’s email list using your school email and get 15% off your purchase.

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25. Target

Whether you’re stocking up on toiletries, bedding, food, school supplies or whatever else comes to mind, there’s a good chance Target will have it. Along with scoping out their sales section, you can also create a college registry. Students will receive a 15% discount on anything that’s in there.

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26. Best Buy deals

Best Buy offers a lot of deals in late summer, but they also have exclusive discounts for students through their Student Deals program. Whether you need a laptop or a Magic Bullet blender, they’ve got you covered.

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27. Google products

StudentBeans offers 10% discounts on a number of Google electronics, including Pixelbooks, Homes, and Pixel phones.

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28. Container Store supplies

Dorm rooms are an exercise in conserving space. Not only can you get a bucket, tub or basket for any occasion at The Container Store, students can also get an additional 20% off.

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29. Brooklyn Bedding

College students can get all their dorm room needs — sheets, pillows and even mattresses — for 25% plus free shipping at Brooklyn Bedding‘s online bedding store.

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30. Museum passes

Take advantage of your student status to score free entry at your local museum. Take a look at this list of museums with free entrances or check with your local museum to see if they offer free or discounted tickets for students.

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31. Movie tickets

Movie tickets are expensive. But most movie theatres, from local independent theatres to national chains like AMC, offer student discounts for both high school and college students with a valid ID.

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32. MLB.TV access

Need to follow your favorite team while you’re away at college? MLB.TV provides a 35% discount to students.

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33. Broadway tickets

Many shows offer student rush, which lets you get cheap theater tickets at same-day performances. Be prepared to show up very early on the day of, and bring your student ID.

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34. Amtrak Tickets

Taking the train to school? Students can save up to 25% on Amtrak train tickets in certain regions where promotions are available. Specifics are listed on the Amtrak website.

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35. Bus tickets

Megabus, Coach and Greyhound all offer discounted bus tickets for the student who’s on the go. Depending on the carrier, fares are reduced by a few bucks or up to 10% to 15% off.

Here’s how to get your travel budget ready

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36. Zipcar membership

Looking to take a quick trip off campus but don’t have a car? If your university is one of the 600+ campuses with rental car company Zipcar, you can get the service at the discounted price of just $15 for your first year (compared to a normal price of $70 per year).

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37. GoPro cameras & accessories

If you’re a family that loves to travel, GoPro makes it easier to document your adventures. As a student, you can get 20% off all the company’s cameras and accessories.

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38. S’well bottles

As long as you have a valid .edu email address, you can get access to S’well’s Student Store, where select water bottle styles are 20% off.

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39. Topshop clothes

If the start of a new school year means refreshing your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. Topshop is offering a 10% student discount once you register and verify that you’re currently in school.

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40. TOMS shoes

Look good and do good with a 10% discount on TOMS shoes, where a portion of your purchase goes toward a good cause of your choosing.

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41. Madewell clothes

Buy a new back-to-school outfit from Madewell, which offers college students 15% off their purchase both online and in-stores.

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42. J.Crew clothes

J.Crew also offers students 15% off when they present a valid student I.D. at checkout.

Are you a fashionista? Check out this review of Rent the Runway.

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43. Dr. Martens shoes

Students get 15% purchases at Dr Martens, meaning you could save $20 on a pair of classic lace-up boots.

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44. Club Monaco clothes

Whether you are going through college interviews or a job search and are looking for a more professional look, students can get 15% off merchandise at Club Monaco.

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45. Kate Spade bag

Upgrade your school bag with a tote from Kate Spade — students get 15% off their purchases.

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46. ASOS clothes

Looking for even more clothes? Overhaul your back-to-school wardrobe with 10% off at ASOS.

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47. Levi’s jeans

Need a new pair of jeans? College students can get 15% off their Levi’s order


— be prepared to verify your student status through Unidays.

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48. Activewear

Enrolled college and university students can get 10% off at Champion and Hanes when shopping online.

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49. HelloFresh food boxes

Dining hall food is great, but sometimes you may be craving a home-cooked meal. Hellofresh offers students 15% off each box


they order plus free shipping.

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50. Sales tax

Some states host summer sales tax holidays on school supplies, clothes and computers during July and August, so try and get your shopping done then. Though it may be only a couple dollars off of your purchase, those savings can add up.

Savings can be seasonal, as well. Check out this list of fall freebies and deals to learn more.

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