Author: Krystal Etienne


It may not be too late to get your mail-in rebate

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  Mail-in rebates sound simple: To submit one, you purchase a qualifying product, fill out its rebate form, and mail the form – and its requested …


What is a second mortgage?

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  If you’re a homeowner, your house is not only the place you call home but also an asset. In fact, it’s the largest asset of …


Banks can freeze your accounts. Here are 3 reasons why

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  Your bank account may be frozen if your bank suspects fraud or illegal activity, or if they’re complying with a court order due to unpaid …


25 tax deductions for freelancers

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Freelancers often work hard for their earnings. But if they keep good financial records (including all those 1099s), and prepare their tax returns correctly, freelancers can often …