Gordon Ramsay is angry over what people are doing to these T-bone steaks

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This is not for the faint of heart. This is the systematic unraveling of the mind of a culinary genius. It’s cruel, it’s dark and it’s the most intense peanut butter-related torture video you will ever see. I hope.

It seems that there are maniacs on the internet, and they are far more insidious than we have even dared to guess. They are the kind of people who would buy a beautiful piece of steak and instead of loving and nurturing that steak into something so delicious it causes people to spontaneously slap their mamas, they create an abomination, a monstrosity so hideous it cannot be explained. 

It has broken Gordon Ramsay. And I’m not feeling super solid myself.  

So, with that intense and not at all dramatically enhanced warning, I present to you the worst of the worst: Gordon Ramsay reacting to an actual nightmare. 

Don’t blame me if you are fundamentally changed. You can’t live with your head in the sand. You need to know people are covering and cooking their stunning pieces of steak in peanut butter. Not marinating, not adding a peanut sauce, but slathering actual edible steaks in peanut butter.

And this TikTok, posted by Gordon Ramsay himself, captures every grotesque moment and the intense suffering it causes him. Touching every one of Stephen King’s three levels of horror (the gross-out, horror and terror), it is graphic record. Ramsay’s cries of pain are not easily dismissed, and though he bravely tries to minimize his trauma for the audience, there can be no doubt he is shook. 

Because it is seriously weird and entirely unexplained. 

Watch the TikTok here and bear witness. The humanity. Oh, the humanity.

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