How cleaning out your fridge can save you money


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If you haven’t already cleaned out your refrigerator while on lockdown, now’s the time to do so. Not only can it be a very zen exercise and make you feel better about your eating habits when you have room for fresh, summer produce, it can actually save you money. Here’s how to do it:

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1. Don’t keep rotting food cold

Have some mystery goo hiding out in the recesses of your refrigerator? You’re paying to keep it cold. Stop. Getting rid of spoiled or out-of-date items not only makes your refrigerator more sanitary, it adds up to a small cost savings.


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2. Get organized

If your refrigerator is clean and organized, you aren’t spending as much time with the door open. While it may seem small, it can add up over time.

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3. Freeze more

Did you know that the more you have in your freezer the less your refrigerator has to work to keep both your freezer and refrigerator cold? As you’re organizing your refrigerator, do the same with your freezer. Make room for foodstuffs that are nearing the end of their shelf life and freeze them.

Pro tip: When thawing frozen items, do it in the refrigerator. This also helps keep the refrigerator side colder, using less energy.

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4. Think about what you’re throwing away

If you’re noticing a pattern (all those fresh veggies you bought went bad before you used them) you may want to rethink how you shop. Letting food spoil is wasteful and reducing it to a minimum can be a real money saver.

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5. Think about how to use what’s still good before buying more

Planning a menu may not seem like fun, but it can be very helpful in keeping you on top of what food you already have on hand. Make note of what you have when you clean and then look up recipes that will help you use them soon. You may find a new favorite!

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