The funniest newspaper corrections of all time


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Humans are imperfect and make honest mistakes. Believe it or not, that includes reporters and journalists. Most corrections made to articles are somewhat minor details—a misspelling of a name, the wrong hometown or a slightly incorrect title. They are a blip in the paper and barely take a sentence. Serious corrections that clear up more consequential facts may be several paragraphs.

But the newspaper corrections we all live for are the ones that make you wonder what exactly got lost in translation and how. Feast upon the best of the worst newspaper corrections.

When stolen groceries is a killer2 / 13

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When stolen groceries is a killer

No one understands how this happened. Conceptually, it’s not even a parallel idea.

Food fire newspaper correction3 / 13

@PeteBarronMedia / Twitter

At least these are both food fires

In this case, we know there was a fire in the kitchen; the fire’s source, though, vastly improves from chips to noodles (more accurately, a delicious sounding ‘smouldering pan of noodles.”)

Cows newspaper correction4 / 13

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Cows, cows and more cows

In the world of corrections, cows figure prominently. They are almost a running gag, perhaps attributable to the fact that most journalists have never set foot on a farm.

Pigs newspaper correction5 / 13

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Also easily mistaken: the word combination of ‘sows and pigs’ (Say it out loud).

This honest but hilarious, mistake has been repeated throughout the last century and beyond.

Snake people newspaper correction6 / 13

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A very modern correction

Unlike the “sows and pigs,” which is timeless, the New York Times has issued a correction that happened because of a thoroughly 21st century mix-up.

Username error newspaper correction7 / 13

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Not @Pimpin4paradise786

When the words “Snapchat” and “Muslim Imams” appear in the same correction, you know it’s going to be weird…

Drums newspaper typo8 / 13

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We liked the original report better

But yeah, I bet they do regret it…

Job title newspaper correction9 / 13

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Might be time to brush up on political science

This is what happens when a non-politico covers politics.

Photo caption newspaper correction10 / 13

The Associated Press

This correction needs a picture to go with it

When you’re talking about a misidentified Wookiee, it is a crime not to have a photo.

Spot the Differences newspaper correction11 / 13

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Actually, your eyes worked perfectly

It’s nice to know the writers aren’t the only ones messing up.

Jazz newspaper correction12 / 13

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When just a few letters make all the difference

These words may look a lot alike, but they are two very different, uh, vocations.

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