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For gamers, it’s more than just a hobby. It can be a whole way of life. You might not be able to get on their level, but you can at least stop looking like a noob by giving them these gifts that celebrate their passion. Don’t worry if you aren’t up to date on the latest games and consoles hitting the market. You don’t have to be to give the gamers in your life gifts that they will truly treasure. Let’s take a look at some ways even non-gamers can score a win this holiday season.

Gamer Nutrition Facts T-shirt2 / 23

AmazedSoftThreads / Etsy

1. Gamer Nutrition Facts T-shirt

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Price: $13.79+

What does it take to be a gamer? This T-shirt will tell you in detail as it lists out the “nutrition facts” of the typical gamer. They include XP, frags, deaths, rage quits, respawns, sleep (N/A) and protein (in the form of pizza and soda). It might not be the healthiest meal on the menu, but it’ll get a laugh from the gamer on your holiday shopping list.

And it doesn’t matter if that gamer is young, old or anything in between. You can buy this design as a onesie, an infant or youth short sleeve, or for a toddler. There’s a sweatshirt, long sleeve, short sleeve, V-neck and hoodie version in unisex sizing, as well as women’s racerbacks. Plus there are tons of colors, from army green, black, white, true royal and cream to gray, mauve, peach, stone, purple, maroon, yellow, red, gold and so many more. Whoever you have on your shopping list, they’ll love this shirt.

Personalized Gamer Tag Light3 / 23

TheYellowLantern / Etsy

2. Personalized Gamer Tag Light

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Price: $28.95

For a gamer, their in-game “tag” is like a second name. Some gamers build up friendships with folks they only know by their gamer tag and not their real name. That makes that tag a super important part of a gamer’s life. You can commemorate that with a personalized gamer tag light that is cool, bright and one-of-a-kind. You will need to know a little about gaming for this one, ideally. Not only do you need to know the gamer’s tag, but also their game of choice.

The seller offers this 7 x 5.25-inch LED sign in a range of recognizable fonts from popular games like “Fortnite,” “Minecraft,” “Call of Duty,” “Madden,” “Legend of Zelda,” “Apex,” “NBA 2K,” “Counter Strike,” “Animal Crossing” and many more. You also get to choose whether the base is wood, white or black. The light requires AA batteries or a USB cord. It includes a USB cord and remote, but not batteries. There are 16 color options and four light settings, including flash, strobe, fade and smooth.

Video Game Rage Soy Candle4 / 23

DirtyCandleCompany / Etsy

3. Video Game Rage Soy Candle

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Price: $11.95+

You might not think of gaming as a sport that gets the blood pumping, but that’s where you’d be wrong. High intensity gaming moments get heated. This candle not only pays tribute to that, but also helps mask the scent of the rage sweat with a pleasant-smelling candle. The logo will give your gamer a chuckle. It describes video game rage as “when a 9 year old kills you” and disrespects your in-game corpse in a manner we won’t describe here.

You can get a four- or eight-ounce version of this candle. The eight-ounce reportedly lasts for 50-60 hours. That’s like one week of gaming. Choose white tea, squirrely nuts or stress relief for the scent. The stress relief blends lavender, orange, eucalyptus and mint with a hint of patchouli to calm the gamer rage while the squirrely nuts offers a nutty scent that the seller says resembles hazelnut.

Choose Your Weapon T-shirt5 / 23

PegasusApparelUs / Etsy

4. Choose Your Weapon T-shirt

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Price: $6.99+

For gamers, their controller is their shining sword. This T-shirt gets that. A range of classic controllers sit above the words “choose your weapon.” There’s a classic NES controller, a SNES controller, a Switch, a PlayStation and Xbox controllers. No matter which console your gamer prefers, they’ll find a familiar face on this shirt. You can choose black or white for the lettering.

You might want to choose a shirt color first, as this seller offers a wide range. You can do white, black, pink, red, kelly, mauve, dark gray, maroon, raspberry, navy, orange, olive, peach and so many more. There’s also some variation in the style of shirt itself. There are unisex T-shirts and V-necks to suit any gamer you want to buy for this holiday season. You can even get this classic design for people probably too young to remember most of these controllers. There are youth T-shirt sizes, as well as options for toddlers and a onesie. Most sizes and colors cost $13.99 or $14.99.

3D Illusion Light6 / 23

KatKelleyCreative / Etsy

5. 3D Illusion Light

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Price: $35

Here’s another gift that pays homage to controllers in particular, but only an Xbox 360 controller in this case. This acrylic nightlight comes with a base, remote control and USB power cable. There’s actually nothing on the base, but with one touch it will project a 3D image of a game controller.

There are multiple color options for the LED lights. The base itself is about 3.5 inches, but lit up the whole thing will be 6.5 to eight inches. You can make this gift extra special by personalizing it with a name or gamer tag. The word will appear under the controller. If you think this item is cool but aren’t sure that an Xbox 360 controller is the right choice, the seller takes design requests. You would have to get in contact about specific requests, however.

Personalized Gaming Snacks Label7 / 23

PersonalisedDecalsGB / Etsy

6. Personalized Gaming Snacks Label

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Price: $4.20+

You can’t game without fuel, and often that fuel is snacks. This cute and personalized label will let your gamer keep their snacks on hand while they’re in the thick of a gaming session. You can choose from four sizes and four controller types for the label. You can get an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or PS5 controller. The sizes are 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12 or 14 x 14 cm.

Make sure you also have a jar to put that label on. It’s not included in the price – this is only the personalized label itself. You also have to select between gloss or matte for the vinyl sticker, which comes in black, white, red, gold, silver, purple, pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, gray or dark blue. Then put in your loved one’s name or gamer tag and it will go on the label above the words “Gaming Snacks.” They will be able to keep this near their gaming set up to snack any time while remembering that you care about them.

Controller Bath Bomb8 / 23


7. Controller Bath Bomb

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Price: $3.64+

Even hardcore gamers have to take a break sometimes to soak in a soothing bath. These bath bombs are designed just for them. Each colorful bath bomb looks like a controller. Hopefully you know which console is their favorite because you can choose from a huge amount of gaming “sets” for the bath bombs. There’s an Xbox or PlayStation bumper set. There’s multi-controller sets.

There are “gamer basic” sets. There’s even sets that include skulls, TVs and phones. Read the description of each set carefully to see what’s inside and what suits your giftee best. Many include soap bars as well as bath bombs. The multi-colored controllers have Thai lime and mango, while the gray controller has strawberry and the green controller is sweet red berry. The phone soap is invictorious and the TV bath bomb is jelly bean. You can pluck up the individual elements, such as a TV for $5.60 or a skull for $4.20. The sets tend to cost a bit more and range from $12.89 to $25.21.

Game Boy Coffee Mug9 / 23

Cuevex / Etsy

8. Game Boy Coffee Mug

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Price: $11.71+

Here’s a retro gift for gamers who don’t have to fit in their frags around their homework. This Game Boy mug will be familiar to those of us old enough to remember the original “Pokemon” games. You even get to choose which game is on the “screen” of the Game Boy printed on the mug – and yes, many of those screens are from “Pokemon.” You can have Charmander versus Squirtle or Pikachu versus Pikachu for a classic battle. You can also select the title screens for “Pokemon” Red and Blue, as well as for “Tetris.” Or slap “Link’s Awakening” on there, one of the classic “Zelda” games.

An 11-ounce cup costs $11.71 and a 15-ounce cup costs $14.23. Along with offering a dose of nostalgia alongside your gamer’s morning coffee, these cups are also microwave and dishwasher safe. And the wonderful design is permanently printed on both sides. It’s not a sticker or vinyl so it won’t peel off. It even comes in a little gift box so it’s ready for the holidays.

Gamer Coaster10 / 23

NotSoppyStore / Etsy

9. Gamer Coaster

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Price: $4.90

This gamer coaster can go on a desk beside a gaming PC or out in the living room near a beloved gaming console. It has an image of a controller and the words “Can I just finish this game?” The eternal gamer question. Each coaster is 90 x 90mm hardboard.

They’re great for parents who have to hear this request from their kids all the time or adults who could use just 10 more minutes with their favorite game before having to go back to being responsible. And they come in a ton of fun colors. Choose blue, pink, yellow, black, white, green, purple, red or orange. Or get a few and mix and match the colors for a fun set of coasters!

Headphone and More Stand11 / 23

UrartDesign / Etsy

10. Headphone and Phone Stand

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Price: $39.95+

This headphone stand is a little more extensive than the first one we listed. It does a lot more than just hold your headphones, though. There’s also a place for your phone, a tray for a pen or pencil, and a dish for coins, chargers or other small objects. And it all comes in a simple Birch plywood package that’s easy to assemble.

All phones and most headphones should fit on this display, and you can personalize it with a name or gamer tag free of charge. You have to select a wood finish between natural, dark walnut, teak and wenge. Natural is the cheapest at $39.95. The others cost $49.95. You also get to choose a color for the plexiglass headphone stand. It can be red, neon, white or black.

Gamer Cup12 / 23

AnnieGirlDesigns / Etsy

11. Gamer Cup

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Price: $11+

In gaming, it’s almost as important to stay hydrated as to score a kill. This tumbler gamer cup provides 16 ounces of whatever liquid keeps your gamer fueled. Hot tea, cold soda and everything in between work in this cup and won’t cause condensation. The tumbler is BPA free and comes with a screw on lid and a reusable straw. Make sure to handwash this and keep it out of the microwave and dishwasher, however.

You can get a 16-ounce traditional cup for $11 or a 16-ounce skinny cup for $12. You can choose whether there’s an Xbox or PlayStation controller on the cup and personalize it with a name. Select a font and font color, including purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, black, gray and metallic colors.

Chocolate Video Game Controller13 / 23

ChocolatesUnlimited / Etsy

12. Chocolate Video Game Controller

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Price: $17+

This life-sized chocolate controller will stun anyone on your gift list. It’s about 7 x 5 inches, approximately the size of the real thing. They will make your order out of white, milk or dark chocolate according to your selection. For $10 extra ($27 total) the seller will include an ice pack or cold wrap so your treat is guaranteed to get to you or your loved safely.

Even with an ice pack, it shouldn’t sit outside for long, especially in warmer climates. All that amazing chocolate will melt away. It tastes just as incredible as it looks. This could make a great treat while gaming.

Professor Oak’s Lab 3D Cube14 / 23

KevsCollectorsShop / Etsy

13. Professor Oak’s Lab 3D Cube

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Price: $29

The gamer in your life will instantly recognize Professor Oak’s lab from the game and cartoon series “Pokemon.” This 3D acrylic cube contains the whole lab, from the framed images of Pokemon on the back wall to the shelves and shelves of books to the famous professor himself about to offer you your first Pokemon. The artist has turned this legendary 2D scene into a 3D image. Turn it every which way and you’ll discover new angles to this old favorite. The cube is 3.5 inches all around. The seller has more fun scenes in their shop of a similar style.

I Paused My Game to Be Here T-shirt15 / 23

GivoStore / Etsy

14. I Paused My Game to Be Here T-shirt

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Price: $8+

It’s every gamer’s biggest sacrifice: pausing their game. If your gamer pauses their game for you, you should take it as the highest compliment. This shirt honors that noble gaming sacrifice with the phrase “I Paused My Game to Be Here” around a controller.

The vinyl print shirt comes in lots of fun colors, including white, black, charcoal, blue, gray, green, navy, orange, purple, red and sapphire. It comes in U.S. sizes small to 3XL. The smallest sizes cost the least, with the largest size costing $14. Still a pretty good deal if you have a gamer in your life who’d rock this shirt.

Video Game Controller Soaps16 / 23

SouthernArtSoap / Etsy

15. Video Game Controller Soaps

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Price: $10.50

These might look a lot like the chocolate controller above, but they’re not for eating. These tiny controllers are actually soap, even though they look just like video game controllers. Each soap is four ounces and fits in the palm of your hand. They might be better for decoration in a gamer household than for actually washing up. Plus, they’re just too cute to use.

The soap uses glycerin and a Shea soap base, as well as fragrance for a pleasant scent. Many pleasant scents, in fact. You have your choice of fragrance from sandalwood, vanilla, lemon verbena, lavender, lemon and bergamot, and white tea and ginger to tobacco and bay leaf, oatmeal milk and honey, chocolate, coconut, peach, lime and more. You also should select a color for the controllers (this won’t impact the scent). You can select black, blue, brown, gray or white.

Engraved Game Boy Lighter17 / 23

RedDotLaserEngraving / Etsy

16. Engraved Game Boy Lighter

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Price: $27.99

This classic Game Boy design will appeal to the old school gamers on your list. The lighter looks just like a classic Game Boy they may remember from their teenage years or even earlier. The flip lighter itself is black with an attractive gold design on both the front and back sides of the item. The front looks like the screen and controls of the Game Boy while the back looks like a Game Boy with a cartridge in it. And of course it also works as a fully functional lighter.

It event comes with a sleek metal gift box so it’s all ready to go for holiday giving. The laser engraving won’t come off any time soon. Even when the lighter is out of fluid, your loved one should get to enjoy this cool and retro design for a long time to come.

Video Game Ring18 / 23

yhtanaff / Etsy

17. Video Game Ring

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Price: $43.20+

Are you popping the question this holiday season? Does your special someone deserve a ring that commemorates both your connection and your hobbies? If you and your partner are both gamers, this ring could be a gift to both of you. There are two rings in the set. One is a thick band with the controller cut out. The other is a thin band with the controller on it. Therefore, these rings fit perfectly within one another, symbolizing a close bond between you and a fellow gamer.

All of the rings are silver, but for a little more you can get gold over and rose gold over instead of plain sterling silver. The gold rings start at $50.40. You can just buy a woman or man’s ring. However, you get a deal if you buy both for $82.80-$88.20. Plus, if you get both rings you could turn your holiday season into a memorable romantic moment. The seller can make U.S. ring sizes 4-14, including half-sizes. Be sure to include the ring sizes in your order so you get a perfect fit.

Retro NES Cartridge Coasters19 / 23

CuttingBoredom / Etsy

18. Retro NES Cartridge Coasters

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Price: $20+

These wooden coasters will be a blast to the past for those of us who remember growing up having to blow the dust out of our NES cartridges. The wood grain is apparent, but the shape of an NES cartridge is carved right into the wood. And the game logo on the front comes in full color — well, kind of. Each coaster actually puts a bit of an adult spin on these classic games. Instead of “Final Fantasy,” you’ll get “Wino Fantasy” and instead of “The Adventure of Link,” you’ll be journeying through “The Adventure of Drink.”

Each coaster is about 4.5 x 4 inches. Order two for $20, four for $39 or six for $57. You even get to chose which game will go on each “cartridge,” depending on how many you’re buying. The seller can do “The Adventure of Drink,” “Drunkey Kong,” “Pass Out!” “Wino Fantasy,” “Drunk Hunt,” “Super Barley Bros” or “Bubble Bubbly.” The seller can make you a custom title, but it will cost extra. You should inquire with them if you have a specific design and title in mind.

Gaming Do Not Disturb Sign for Door20 / 23

KLsCraftCo / Etsy

19. Gaming Do Not Disturb Sign for Door

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Price: $12

If your gamer has a favorite retreat they like to sneak off to for their gaming sessions, they probably go there to find privacy. This Do Not Disturb sign will let everyone know not to come knocking in the middle of a session. The wooden sign also comes in white for the same price. It looks like the classic Do Not Disturb sign to hang on a doorknob, except for the large carved out section that says, “Do Not Disturb. Gaming in Progress” around an image of a controller. It’s about four inches wide and 10.5 inches tall, so there will be no excuse if someone chooses to ignore it and break your gamer’s concentration.

Mini Xbox One Keychain21 / 23

TheGeekRetreat1 / Etsy

20. Mini Xbox One Keychain

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Price: $7

This is a cute and fun little gift that you can easily give to every gamer on your list. The 3 x 2.5cm keychains are tiny and easy to add to any keyring. And each one looks exactly like a favorite Xbox game. There are literally dozens of games you can choose, way too many to list here. Check out the seller’s page to see the full list you can select from.

A few of the highlights include “Mortal Kombat,” “Rocket League,” games from the “Fallout” series, “Call of Duty” games, “Assassins Creed Black Flag,” “Grand Theft Auto,” “Skyrim” and “Minecraft,” among so, so many more. Your gamer’s favorite title is sure to be on the list. If somehow it’s not, you can message the seller to make a custom request. The seller finishes each polymer clay keychain with satin gloss. It is purely a decorative item and no one should try to open the case, as real as it may look.

Wooden Controller and Headphone Stand22 / 23

DragonWoodGifts / Etsy

21. Wooden Controller and Headphone Stand

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Price: $38.25

This headphone stand goes a little but further for gamers than the earlier ones we listed. This one holds not only their headset but also their controllers. The cherry plywood stand can hold two controllers alongside a headset. The seller says they use wood specifically for the contrast between the natural grain and the advanced gaming technology.

The wood also helps highlight the personalized engraving you can add. This can be a name or gamer tag, if you like. You can even add an insignia from a favorite console such as Luna, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, Steam or Switch. The 9.5 inch stand can hold wired or wireless headphones that are a standard size. Its base is 7.5 x 5.25 inches.

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