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More house, more problems

Ah, the tiny home movement. We all know that relative or friend or colleague who shares their Pinterest board and Instagram posts with comments like, “My dream home!” with approximately one billion heart emojis.

The interweb is crowded with tiny home “inspo” posts designed to make you want to channel your inner Marie Kondo, say “thank you, next” to half your possessions and set up shop in a tiny home so you can focus on collecting memories, not possessions. If you’ve got gadgets and gizmos, then the tiny home movement may not be for you.

From embracing a simpler lifestyle to reducing your carbon footprint, these tiny home communities and resorts across the U.S. are changing the way we think about our housing. One look at them could have you buying a dumpster and putting a for sale sign in front of your not-so-tiny home.

Eagles Landing tiny homes
eagleslandinglakemartin / Instagram


The Eagles Landing in Parker Creek is located near the beautiful Lake Martin. It’s the first tiny community in the region, and the community offers places to rent for vacation and an on-site restaurant called The Landing.

Alaska tiny home Tongass
Sitka Conservation Society / Facebook


You can help a tiny home community grow in The Alaska Rainforest. Locals are looking to model a community based on a tiny home model called Tongass, made by local students.

Arizona tiny home
LuxTiny Tiny Home Community and Manufacturing / Facebook


Tiny homes have recently taken off in Arizona, such as  Luxury Tiny Home Living, the first dedicated tiny home community in the state. You can choose from already-existing tiny home models or have one custom built (and then named!) after you.

Arkansas tiny home
tinyhomesnwa / Instagram


Eagle Homes on Olive in Rogers is a community of tiny homes in Northwest Arkansas. This particular community caters to the 55 or older crowd and has over 50 units.

California tiny home
Delta Bay Tiny House Resort / Facebook


Delta Bay Tiny House Resort is Northern California’s first tiny home community. You’ll need to bring your own tiny home here, but you’re welcome to live at the park year-round.

Colorado tiny home
The Rosedale Vintage Mobile Home Park / Facebook


The Rosedale Vintage Mobile Home Park is a series of vintage-styled mobile tiny homes in Rosedale. If you want your tiny home to look like it’s straight from the ‘50s without missing out on modern-day conveniences, this part may be right for you.

Connecticut tiny home
beechtreecottages / Instagram


Beech Tree Cottages in Madison is home to cute mini cottages around the Connecticut shoreline that are perfect for a quaint, quiet getaway. It’s also got a gift shop stocked with locally made jewelry, homewares and other goods, as well as spaces for weddings and other events.

Delaware tiny home
Angola Beach Estates / Facebook


Angola Beach Estates allows any manufactured homes, including tiny homes, and people of all ages. You’ll live right off Angola Beach and have access to  a ton of amenities and organized activities, such as movie nights and a shared pool.

Florida tiny home
tiny_house_orlando /Instagram
Georgia tiny home
River Ridge Escape


Menlo is home to River Ridge Escape, which itself is home to a couple of tiny home communities! Unlike other options on the list, you can have River Ridge build you a home if you don’t already have one. You also have the option of buying or leasing.

Hawaii tiny home
Paradisetinyhomes / Instagram


Kumu Camp is a great place to be if you’re looking for yurts, bungalows or other tiny dwellings. While it’s a resort, you’ll be able to test the tiny life waters here in between trying out the actual waters of Hawaii.

Idaho tiny home


During the last recession, a community in Kuna built a tiny home community, called Silvertip. It’s thriving and even growing today, and it’s inspired other local communities to create their own, too.

Illinois tiny home
Old Bates Campground


Old Bates Campground in Sessor welcomes RVs, tiny homes and, in non-COVID times, tent campers. You can stay nightly or monthly, making it perfect for both long and short stays.

Indiana tiny home
Cedar Springs Tiny Village


San Pierre’s Tiny House Estates Community is a relative newcomer to the world of tiny home communities. Created in 2016, it offers private access to hiking trails, wild horses and river fronts.

Iowa tiny home


O’Brien County Dog Creek Park is home to some pretty tiny home-feeling cabins. Iowa zoning laws make it pretty difficult to embrace the tiny life in this state, so cabins and Airbnbs may be your best bet.

Kansas tiny home
Svetlana Mokrova / iStock


Rainbows in Rosedale is currently a group of 10 neighbors in Kansas City seeking to establish a tiny community with shared resources, such as farms and wildlife. You can learn more about their efforts here.

Kentucky tiny home


London, Kentucky is home to just one of many tiny home communities across the state. But what makes this one different is that it’s owned by one family, who garnered national attention in 2020 for creating their own tiny home community.

Louisiana tiny home
Burleigh Plantation, A Place for Tiny Homes / Facebook


Grand Coteau’s Burleigh Plantation started as one woman’s desire to live simpler and smaller. Now, this once-plantation is now a community of people embracing small housing so they can live bigger.

Maine tiny home


Tiny SOUL-ar Eco Village is an ongoing initiative by three friends in Durham trying to purchase land and tiny homes to create an eco-friendly community. Interested in the project? They’re still taking applications!

Maryland tiny home
Hobbitat Spaces


Hobbitat in Oakland is another great option if you’re looking for a rustic community of tiny home lovers! You’ll be surrounded by a great view of the forest in either an already-designed home or one you have custom built.

Massachusetts tiny home


What could be more luxurious than glamping at Martha’s Vineyard? You can rent small cabins or bring your own RV for the quintessential New England escape.

Michigan tiny home
Traverse Bay RV Resort / Facebook


Traverse Bay RV Resort may be marketed for RVs, but it also welcomes tiny homes on wheels, too. Explore the greater Traverse City area while being rest assured that you’ve got a quiet, peaceful place to call home.

Minnesota tiny home
The Sanctuary Minnesota


Nestled in Kanabec County is The Sanctuary Minnesota, which is 80 acres of private trails and woods. This community offers houses both to rent and lands to bring in your own tiny home.

Mississippi tiny home
Longleaf Piney Resort


Longleaf Piney Resort in Hattiesburg has cute cabins near a 44-mile hiking trail and a nearby shopping district for your next glamping trip. The homes sleep 2-4 people each.

Missouri tiny home
Tiny House Adventures Resort


Tiny House Adventures Resort in historic Leasburg has a great view of Meramec River and easy access to the highway. That makes it the perfect vacation for anyone looking to explore the woods and the nearby area.

Montana tiny home
Glacier Park Collection


Glacier Park Collection’s St. Mary Village 10 tiny homes will keep you close to nature as you explore the Montana wilderness. The best part? You’ll also get your own private luxury bathhouse.

Nebraska tiny home
kimberlycreekretreat / Instagram


Kimberly Creek Resort in Ashland offers the ultimate glamping-tiny home experience. You can stay in yurts, domes, tiny cabins and farm-house style-tiny homes while being surrounded by a private nature sanctuary.

Nevada tiny home
Airstream Park / Facebook


Las Vegas is home to some pretty exclusive tiny home communities, including Airstream Park, or Llamalopolis. To join, a current member must recommend you, and you’ll even go through a one-week trial period before becoming a permanent resident. The plus if you’re approved? It’s called Llamalopolis because some of your neighbors will be llamas!

New Hampshire tiny home
Tuxbury Pond RV Resort / Instagram

New Hampshire

Tuxbury Pond RV Resort offers those looking to sample the tiny life with petite retreats. Make no mistake, though; these tiny homes come with the complete resort experience, inluciding beaches and wineries.

New Jersey tiny home
Riverresorttinyhome / Instagram

New Jersey

Highlands, New Jersey is home to a community of 10 tiny cottages that were turned into vacation rentals in 2016. Booking a vacation here may be a great way to determine if small living may be for you!

New Mexico tiny home
Riveredgetinyhomevillage / Instagram

New Mexico

The River Edge Tiny Home Village in Rio is a haven for tiny home owners. You can bring your own home and rent land or buy a tiny home already established in the village.

New York tiny home
Upstatetinyhomes / Instagram

New York

Tiny Homes at Long Lake is another dedicated tiny home community in Troy. You’ll be tucked away in the woods of the Adirondacks. They have a variety of floor plans to fit a variety of different tiny home lifestyles.

North Carolina tiny home
Simple Life

North Carolina

Simple Life’s The Meadows has the motto “Live Large. Carry Less” for a reason. Located in Flat Rock, you’ll be able to rent your concrete tiny home and live in a village of others looking to downsize their lives in exchange for living large.

North Dakota tiny home
executiveparkmodelestates / Instagram

North Dakota

Executive Parks Model Estates offers an array of tiny home models in Yankton. It’s set up like a gated vacation community. So while you’ll have your luxurious tiny home to yourself, you’ll still be able to meet other people with a plethora of community resources.

Ohio tiny home
Moderntinyliving / Instagram


Cedar Springs is Ohio’s first tiny home community. Unlike other tiny home parks, Cedar Springs encourages you to stay permanently or long-term, although you will have to bring or build your own tiny home to join the community.

Oklahoma tiny home
Town and Country RV Park


Marlow’s Town and Country RV Park provides you a spot to either park your manufactured home or a home itself. There is a laundry site on the grounds, among other shared amenities, too.

Oregon tiny home
Tinytranquilitypark / Instagram


Waldport’s Tiny Tranquility is great for the tiny home on the go, as long as you’re also looking to stay in Oregon for at least a month. This option is great if you’re still looking for a more permanent place to park your home. And if you’re ready to book longer than a month, Tiny Tranquility’s website says it’ll lower your rental fees “significantly.”

Pennsylvania tiny home
Tiny_estates / Instagram


Lancaster County’s Tiny Estates boasts the motto, “Dreaming Big? Live Tiny!” If you’re new to tiny living, this peaceful community can get you started with a month level to try out tiny life. Ready to commit? They also let you buy homes and land!

Rhode Island tiny home
eastislandreserve / Instagram

Rhode Island

East Island Reserve Hotel in Middletown has 630 square-foot cabins you can stay at. These tricked out tiny homes even have a king bed, two flat screens, a washer and dryer, among other amenities.

South Carolina tiny home
Tinyhomecommunity / Instagram

South Carolina

Greer’s Lake Walk Community has 43 lots for tiny home owners to rent. If you’re looking for a scenic spot in the woods to call home, this may be a community you want to check out!

South Dakota tiny home

South Dakota

Spearfish’s Tiny Town Campground needs little explanation: It’s an extended-stay campground for RVs and tiny homes alike! You’ll have to bring your own tiny home, but this campground is a great option if you’re looking to explore South Dakota.

Tennessee tiny home
Oakstoneland / Instagram


Retreat by Oakstone in Tracy City is another great way to dip your toes into some spectacular waters and the tiny home life. Rent one of their many tiny homes and sign up for one of their retreats to reconnect with nature and recenter your life.

Texas tiny home
Spur Freedom


Spur Freedom in Spur boasts that it’s the first city in the U.S. to approve tiny homes for zoning. Anyone is free to bring in a tiny home and set up camp (well, after leasing or buying land, of course).

Utah tiny home
Zion’s Tiny Getaway


Zion’s Tiny Getaway boasts that it’s the state’s first tiny home resort. You can even purchase your own tiny home to build on the resort so you always have a getaway at the ready.

Vermont tiny home
Rollen802 / Instagram


In 2020, Norwich college students created two tiny homes in Barre City. While it’s not exactly a community yet, it’s the start of a growing movement in the state to create energy efficient, low-cost housing. Get in the tiny home movement early to help build up this community!

Virginia tiny home


Piedmont’s Ecovillage is your place to be if you’re looking to live in a tight-knit community in tight-knit housing with an eco-focus. Their focus is on joint ownership of community resources to lessen their carbon footprint and ensure every community member has the resources they need to thrive in their tiny home.

Washington tiny home
Seattletinyhomes / Instagram


Washington state is full of tiny home communities for you to pursue. One such neighborhood is Hearthouse. It’s tucked away in Marlin, which has a population of under 50.

West Virginia tiny home
Lostrivervacations / Instagram

West Virginia

Still not ready to commit to the tiny lifestyle? Lost Rivers Vacation in, well, Lost River, introduced a few pet-friendly tiny homes complete with wifi yet still surrounded by 22 acres of beautiful forests.

Wisconsin tiny home
Canoe Bay / Facebook


Near Chetek is home to Canoe Bay Escape Village, a tiny home vacation spot. While you won’t be living here full-time, it’s a great way to test out the tiny home life and enjoy some private views of lakes, wetlands and forests.

Wyoming tiny home
Teton Truss / Facebook

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