Watch this rooster protect a coop full of hens from a hawk


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This rooster is named Cluck Norris for a reason!

In 2019, Wayne and Cristale Wellwood came home to their family farm in Maine only to discover a hawk had invaded their chicken coop. They had a couple dozen ducks and chickens in the coop, and, at first, Cristale was convinced that they had just lost all their birds to the hawk.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! Did I lose all my birds? How did this hawk get in there? It’s stuck in there!’ I just thought that all the birds were gone,” Cristale told NEWS CENTER Maine.

To try and save the birds, Cristale unlocked the coop door and let the birds out of the coop and into a fenced-in area. She was hoping to lock the hawk inside the coop, but the hawk then turned its attention to her.

“I swear it was coming to take my eyeballs out,” Cristale said. “I was so scared, and I screamed bloody murder. And all of a sudden, the rooster just kind of jumped up and knocked the hawk down. And they battled it out for about 20 minutes.”

Cristale was able to film some parts of the battle. Two hens ran into the battle to provide the rooster with backup and kick the hawk in the head. At some point during the video, Cristale even said, “I think my chickens may win the battle!”

After calling her husband, Wayne, he contacted a local game warden, hoping they could get the hawk out of the coop. 

“Not after I saw the claws on that thing – there’s no way I’m grabbing it!” Wayne said. 

Game Warden Carlton Richardson was able to break up the fight and let the hawk roam free after it was released from the coop. Afterward, when the Wellwood’s daughter was asked if she was scared of the hawk, she said, “No, I wanted to pet it!”

While the Wellwoods don’t typically name their birds, they all thought this battle-tested rooster sure deserved one: Cluck Norris. 

You can watch part of the epic battle yourself here:


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