Have you ever seen what happens to the Eiffel Tower at 1 a.m.?


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The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous and beautiful structures on Earth. Soaring 1,083 feet (OK, 1,024 without the antennas) above the City of Light, it is one of the most-visited tourist spots in the world. But is there a “best” time to visit The Eiffel Tower? One that “outshines,” so to speak, all the others? 

Well, of course there is. 

While the tower itself offers unparalleled views of the city during the day that you should definitely see, it is as the sun goes down that it becomes something more, according to YouTuber Surajkumar Dubey.

At sunset each evening, a kajillion light sensors trigger an unknowable (What? Math has its limitations) number of bulbs bathing The Eiffel Tower in golden light. And yes, I mean a kajillion. 

OK, you got me. I lost my place at “a whole bunch,” and this number is a result of intricate mathematical computations that would only intimidate you. I also consulted a second grader who gets straight A’s in math, so it’s definitely a Kajillion)  Plus every hour on the hour, for five minutes, she sparkles. It can be seen from  all over Paris, and it is awesome indeed, but it gets even better.

At 1 a.m., there is a grand finale. (And finale is a French word, so you can rest assured they’re going to do it up right. I mean, it’s their thing.)

During this finale, the sparking begins. But this time, and at no other time, all the golden background illumination is darkened. The 20,000 (See? I can do numbers…) sparkling 6-watt  bulbs are the only lights on. The effect, meant to mimic the fireworks that used to be set off at the tower for special events, is spectacular. 

It looks as if The Eiffel Tower itself is made of fireworks, and it is gorgeous. 

See the glittery beauty for yourself and be amazed.


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