Lennon & McCartney ‘come together’ again, virtually


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We’ve been convinced for a while now that there was some bad blood between Paul McCartney and John Lennon. While sad, maybe it’s no longer the case?

Yeah, yeah, McCartney did say he blamed Lennon for the breakup of The Beatles, but it seems he’s over it now.

How do we know? McCartney had a wonderful gift for all of us fans at a recent show in Spokane, Washington, where he pulled up a video of Lennon singing on the Jumbotron and proceeded to turn it into a duet.

The song was the gritty “I’ve Got a Feeling” off of the “Let It Be” album, the most emotional and difficult to produce of all their albums. In fact, it was the last one the Fab Four made before calling it quits. The Band barely got it recorded without breaking up midway through.

The song was also the last duet written for McCartney and Lennon’s voices and was one of the songs they performed during one of their most famous concerts, The Rooftop Concert in 1969. The band played the concert on the roof of their Apple Corps headquarters at No. 3 Savile Row, London. They played for 42 minutes before being stopped by the police, and it was their very last live concert together.

Until the concert in Spokane, the two hadn’t sung together since a jam session (with Stevie Wonder on piano, no less!) in 1976.

The virtual duet was an absolute crowd pleaser. Once Lennon’s face appeared on the screen behind McCartney the crowd went wild.

Enjoy it here for yourself: