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Perhaps no other beverage in the United States is more quintessential to the start of people’s day than a fresh cup of joe. While many Americans get their coffee from giants like Starbucks or Dunkin, even more, they are growing to appreciate the unique tastes and atmospheres of their locally operated coffeehouses.

No matter which state you live in, there are bound to be myriad coffeehouses at your disposal. If you’re looking to support independent coffee joints, check out this list of popular independent coffeehouses across the country.

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Alabama: Angel’s Island Coffee

Address: 7538 Memorial Parkway Southwest, Huntsville

Owner Angel Hussain opened her coffeehouse at just 23 years old with her father. Many of the menu items are inspired by her childhood in Fiji, according to its website.

Image Credit: Facebook / Angel’s Island Coffee.

Alaska: Jitters

Address: 11401 Old Glenn Highway, Eagle River

Jitters has been family-owned and operated since 1994. The family members also hold other jobs within the community, such as teaching sixth graders or running gift shops, making it a community-focused operation.

Image Credit: Facebook / Jitters.

Arizona: Songbird Coffee & Tea House

Address: 812 North 3rd Street, Phoenix

Song Coffee & Tea House is located in a historic building in downtown Phoenix. Aside from specialty drinks, they also serve freshly made breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Image Credit: Facebook / Songbird Coffee & Tea House.

Arkansas: Kibo Midnight Oil Coffeehouse

Address: 801 East Race Avenue, Searcy

Kibo Midnight Oil Coffeehouse was founded in 1997 and became a nonprofit organization in 2009. Ever since being taken over by the Kibo Group, it’s partnered with East African communities to stomp out poverty and help local sellers reach their full potential.

Image Credit: Facebook/ Kibo Midnight Oil Coffeehouse.

California: Go Get Em Tiger

Address: 230 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles and 4630 Hollywood Boulevard, Loz Feliz

Not only does Go Get Em Tiger sell coffee out of its various locations, but it also sells beans, presses, t-shirts, and other merch on its website. That means you don’t have to be local to enjoy its signature flavors.

Image Credit: Facebook / Go Get Em Tiger.

Colorado: Story Coffee Company

Address: 120 East Bijou Street, Colorado Springs

Story Coffee Company prides itself on being the nation’s first tiny house coffee shop. It also doesn’t have outlets for people to charge their electronics, hoping that visitors will instead use their shop to get to know each other better.

Image Credit: Instagram / Story Coffee Company.

Connecticut: Lorca

Address: 125 Bedford Street, Stamford

Lorca blends the owner’s Spanish roots with local flavors. Lorca sells authentically made churros and locally crafted coffee that can be enjoyed both in person or to go for those who are still minding socially distancing protocols.

Image Credit: Facebook / Lorca.

Delaware: Drip Cafe

Address: 144 Lantana Drive, Hockessin

Drip Cafe is perfect for both the coffee and breakfast purist and experimentalist. The cafe offers all your favorite traditional breakfast and coffee items, but if you’re feeling up to it, they also offer spins and twists on these classics, such as its popular breakfast burrito.

Image Credit: Facebook / Drip Cafe.

Florida: Subculture Coffee

Address: 509 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach

Subculture Coffee roasts its coffee in small batches to maintain the richest flavor possible. They also change which beans they offer year-round to keep expanding visitors’ coffee palettes.

Image Credit: Facebook / Subculture Coffee.

Georgia: Safehouse Coffee Roasters

Address: 109 South Hill Street, Griffin

Safehouse Coffee Roasters uses state-of-the-art technology to bring you some of the best coffee in Georgia. They use a specialty espresso machine called the Slayer, which staff are trained to use to bring you a unique flavor profile with every cup served.

Image Credit: Facebook / Safehouse Coffee Roasters.

Hawaii: The Curb Kaimuki

Address: 3408 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu

The Curb Kaimuki may only serve up drinks curbside right now, but that doesn’t make their coffee any less to die for. The owners carefully source their beans and only serve the highest-quality coffee they can find from a source whose mission and ethics align with their own.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Curb Kaimuki.

Idaho: Twin Beans Coffee Company

Address: 144 Main Avenue East, Twin Falls

Twin Beans Coffee Company is serving up world-class coffee beans with the best coffeehouses’ signature hometown charm. It’s important to the shop that customers know where the beans they’re drinking come from, and you can learn more about their bean selection and processing online.

Image Credit: Facebook / Twin Beans Coffee Company.

Illinois: The Coffee Studio

Address: 5628 North Clark Street, Chicago

The Coffee Studio trains each of its baristas in the art of coffee roasting and carefully selects the beans that make it into its shop. The studio is also known for its coffee and tea cocktails, housemade ice creams, and flatbread pizzas.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Coffee Studio.

Indiana: Coat Check Coffee

Address: 401 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis

Coat Check Coffee not only tastes good, but its treats are also a food Instagrammer’s dream. The shop offers an array of photogenic latte art and artisanal sandwiches that will make taking the photo before you dig in a challenge.

Image Credit: Facebook / Coat Check Coffee.

Iowa: Cup of Joe

Address: 102 Main Street, Cedar Falls

Cup of Joe is a colorful 1950s-themed espresso bar. It features organic, fair trade coffees and unique local favorites, such as the Screaming Chicken latte, Grandma’s Cake Batter breve, or the Rock Star mocha.

Image Credit: Facebook / Cup of Joe.

Kansas: Black Dog Coffeehouse

Address: 12815 W 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa

Black Dog Coffeehouse’s staff consists of dedicated bakers and brewers. They offer pour-overs, cold brews, and single drip coffees. There are also various herb bread, pastries, and other goodies to add to your coffee order.

Image Credit: Facebook / Blackdog Coffee House.

Kentucky: Carabello Coffee

Address: 107 East 9th Street, Newport

Carabello Coffee began in 2009 in the owner’s garage. Now, it’s a popular destination with a mission to help fund sustainable practices in underdeveloped coffee-producing nations. According to the Carabello website, with every cup you drink, you can be reassured the owners paid above fair trade costs for the beans.

Image Credit: Facebook / Carabello Coffee.

Louisiana: The Orange Couch

Address: 2339 Royal Street, New Orleans

The Orange Couch serves all your classic coffee favorites in a shop filled with fun orange decor. The owners also serve mochi coffee, which is flown in from Hawaii with alternating flavors.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Orange Couch.

Maine: Speckled Ax

Address: 567 Congress Street, Portland

Speckled Ax fanatics don’t just have to wait until the shop opens to enjoy its signature roasts. That’s because you can start a subscription to have the coffee delivered to you regularly. Otherwise, you can still enjoy its organic coffees in-house.

Image Credit: Facebook / Speckled Ax.

Maryland: The Filling Station

Address: 14910 York Road, Sparks

The Filling Station is a woman-owned business that has served its community for almost 20 years. You can have a cup of joe, quarts to enjoy at home, or what it calls “alternative fuels,” such as chai teas and hot chocolates.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Filling Station.

Massachusetts: Mr. Gelato Cafe

Address: 89 Main Street, Andover

Mr. Gelato Cafe is the place to go if you’re looking for colorful concoctions. The shop sells bubble teas, milk teas, and gelato in various flavors ranging from fruity to classic vanilla.

Image Credit: Facebook / Mr. Gelato Cafe.

Michigan: RoosRoast Coffee

Address: 1155 Rosewood St., 117 E Liberty St.,  315 Detroit St., Anne Arbor

RoosRoast serves what it calls its “cult” flavor: lobster butter. Its bagged beans come in various other quirky flavors with equally quirky names, including Your Rich French Neighbor and Mother Pheasant Plucker. You can also visit its three locations to enjoy coffee in person. Its Rosewood St. location even features a solar-powered coffee roaster

Image Credit: RoosRoast Coffee.

Minnesota: Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co.

Address: 343 E Sheridan Street, Ely

Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co. is a great choice for tea lovers especially. While the shop has various coffees, it has an ever-larger selection of loose teas you can even buy to enjoy any time you want. Popular flavors include Blueberry Fields and Ely Gold, its house iced tea.

Image Credit: Facebook / Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co.

Mississippi: Cat Island Coffeehouse

Address: 300 East Scenic Drive, Pass Christian

Cat Island Coffeehouse boasts an array of coffees, teas, and soul foods inspired by local flavors. Even better, its location has a breathtaking view of the Pass Christian Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

Image Credit: Facebook / Cat Island Coffeehouse.

Missouri: Fretboard Coffee

Address: 1013 East Walnut Street, Columbia

Fretboard Coffee is dedicated to serving you chemical-free, ethically sourced coffee. It is best known for its Columbian blends, although its specialty blends change throughout the year.

Image Credit: Facebook / Fretboard Coffee.

Montana: MoAV Coffee

Address: 2501 Montana Avenue, Billings

Legacy Coffee Roaster, formerly MoAV Coffee, has many specialty blended coffees and teas for you to choose from. Looking for something stronger? Try some of its craft beers or wines.

Image Credit: Facebook / MoAV Coffee.

Nebraska: Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

Address: 712 South 16th Street, Omaha

Howlin’ Hounds Coffee is your one-stop shop for pour-overs, slow drips, cold brews, or any other coffee roasting style you could want. The shop is also known for its Italian sodas and an ever-evolving collection of local art.

Image Credit: Facebook / Howlin’ Hounds Coffee.

Nevada: Desert Wind Coffee Roasters

Address: 7772 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas

Desert Wind Coffee Roasters customers can rest assured that any cup of coffee they order is fresh. The shop will only serve coffee for a few hours after it’s roasted, as it sees freshness as the key to quality coffee.

Image Credit: Facebook / Desert Wind Coffee Roasters.

New Hampshire: The Local Moose Cafe

Address: 124 Queen City Avenue, Manchester

The Local Moose Cafe is the place to be if you’re a fan of espresso and sandwiches. It has specialties such as the Mexican Mocha Latte, Local Maple Latte, and Cafe Au Lait. Any drink will pair well with an assortment of sandwiches and other goods.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Local Moose Cafe.

New Jersey: Black Rail Coffee

Address: 800 Jackson Street, Retail 2, Hoboken

If you don’t eat gluten, you can rejoice! Black Rail Coffee is now partnering with Who’s Gluten-Free, another local shop, to sell gluten-free items to go with your specialty coffee. Now you can pair your fancy latte art with even more treats.

Image Credit: Facebook / Black Rail Coffee.

New Mexico: Piñon Coffee

Address: 4545 Alameda Blvd., Albuquerque; 5222 4th St. NW, Albuquerque; 1761 Rio Rancho Blvd SE, Rio Rancho

Piñon Coffee is serving its Traditional Piñon in bags so you can roast at home. It even offers a variety of single-serve options for your K-Cups or other devices. If you’re aching to get back into a coffee shop, though, it has three locations to choose from.

Image Credit: Piñon Coffee.

New York: Sweatshop Coffee

Address: 232 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

Sweatshop Coffee is an Australian-inspired coffeehouse specializing in flat whites. While flat whites have gained popularity with its introduction at most Starbucks this year, Sweatshop has been ahead of the trend, bringing the specialty drink to Brooklyn since its founding.

Image Credit: Facebook / Sweatshop Coffee.

North Carolina: Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery

Address: 514 East 36th Street, Charlotte

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery offers coffee blends that’ll find any tastes, ranging from light to dark roast. Some of its popular blends include Ethiopian yirgacheffe, Central American Fusion, and Noda Nights Espresso.

Image Credit: Facebook / Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & Roastery.

North Dakota: The Brew

Address: 215 Sims Street, Dickinson

The Brew has a special of the day you can find on Facebook. Specials range from Shirley Temple Italian Soda to Bumblebee Zingers. Coffee lovers will also have many options to choose from, such as the Black Van, a blueberry and vanilla coffee, or the Mexican Mocha.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Brew.

Ohio: Donkey Coffee and Espresso

Address: 17 1/2 West Washington Street, Athens

Donkey Coffee and Espresso has a host of coffee and espresso options in its 4,000-square-foot shop. Options include its signature Donkey blend, Vanilla, Spiced Chai, Power Chai, and French Press Coffee.

Image Credit: Facebook / Donkey Coffee and Espresso.

Oklahoma: Coffee Slingers



Coffee Slingers offers a variety of signature collections that will tingle your taste buds. Some current options include an orange dreamsicle cappuccino, cereal milk latte, cane sugar latte, and golden milk latte.

Image Credit: Coffee Slinger.

Oregon: Bow + Arrow Coffeehouse

Address: 19880 SE Highway 212, Damascus and 4943 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard, Suite 101, Portland

Bow + Arrow Coffeehouse boasts a signature caramel coffee, filling breakfast sandwiches, and a killer Americao blend. If coffee isn’t your thing, try out its chais, iced teas, or matchas.

Image Credit: Facebook / The Arrow Coffeehouse.

Pennsylvania: Silver Horse Coffee

Address: 3846 State Route 31, Donegal

Silver Horse Coffee serves up potent and powerful coffee blends on Laurel Mountain. It serves its own blend, which is made by the Standing Wave Coffee Roaster in Pittsburgh. It has drips, lattes, Americanos, and more.

Image Credit: Facebook / Silver Horse Coffee.

Rhode Island: Mainstreet Coffee

Address: 137 Main Street, East Greenwich

Mainstreet Coffee isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s also an espresso martini bar! That means you can stop by in the morning to fuel up for the day and come back later for an espresso martini, although you can’t take the martinis to go!

Image Credit: Facebook / MainStreet Coffee.

South Carolina: Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Address: 4 Vanderhorst Street, Charleston

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer is located in the heart of Charleston and offers an impressive array of coffees and craft beers. You can get dirty iced chais, Italian cappuccinos, Orange Infused Blonde Ale lager, and other popular drinks.

Image Credit: Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer.

South Dakota: Don’t Spill the Beans

Address: 289 Dakota Avenue South, Huron

Don’t Spill the Beans cycles through a variety of drinks of the day, but it’s most well-known for its signature house blend. The shop also offers a Fresconte, a coffee milkshake, and a hot caramel apple cider.

Image Credit: Facebook / Don’t Spill the Beans.

Tennessee: Crema Coffee Roasters

Address: 226 Duke St., Nashville

Crema Coffee Roasters is a great starter for anyone new to coffee tasting. It even offers a guide to coffee flavors on its websites. Once you’ve checked out the guide, hop on into the store and give the flavors a try!

Image Credit: Crema Coffee Roasters.

Texas: Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Address: 3825 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters has won multiple regional awards for its desserts and coffee. Its flavors change with each season, although you can always order its specialty items, such as cocoa bomb blossoms.

Image Credit: Facebook / Mozart’s Coffee Roasters.

Utah: Jack Mormon Coffee Co.

Address: 82 East E Street, Salt Lake City, Two Creek Coffee House at University of Utah

Jack Mormon Coffee Co. roasts its beans daily and serves them as soon as they’re ready to be served. It also sells other goods, such as White Lake Farms raw honey from a local seller.

Image Credit: Facebook / Jack Mormon Coffee.

Vermont: Vermont Coffee Company

Address: 1197 Exchange Street, Middlebury

Vermont Coffee Company sells both whole and grounded coffee beans that are roasted with 100% renewable energy. It also recently joined Stonewall Kitchen, meaning you have even more options to both access its coffee and try out other great products part of the Stonewall “family,” such as pasta noodles and olive oil.

Image Credit: Facebook / Vermont Coffee Company.

Virginia: Three Ships Coffee

Address: 607 19th St., 612 Jack Rabbit Rd., Virginia Beach

Three Ships Coffee is a Virginia Beach coffee staple. It’s well known for its cold can crews and breakfast biscuits, which you can get until 1 p.m. You can also join its coffee club to get samples of various brews delivered to you.

Image Credit: Three Ships Coffee.

Washington: Elm Coffee Roasters

Address: 240 2nd Avenue South, Seattle

Elm Coffee Roasters offers all your classic coffee hits, but it also has some more unique takes on caffeine. You can order an espresso water tonic or One of Each, made with espresso and brewed coffee.

Image Credit: Facebook / Elm Coffee Roasters.

West Virginia: The Chocolate Moose

Address: 1818 Harper Rd., Beckley; it can also be found at Outside-In Climbing Gym and Mountain State Miniature Golf

The Chocolate Moose has an array of roasts you can try out. The best part? You can also get it while at the Outside-In Climbing Gym or Mountain State Miniature Golf. You can even rent out these locations and have The Chocolate Moose cater!

Image Credit: Coffee Moose at Outside-In.

Wisconsin: From the Ground Up Coffee

Address: 250 West Grand Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids

From the Ground, Up Coffee is just a short two blocks from the Wisconsin River. You can order your coffee and treats to go so you can enjoy them while also taking in the scenery. The shop grinds its beans fresh each day.

Image Credit: Facebook / From the Ground Up.

Wyoming: Cowboy Coffee Co.

Address: 125 North Cache Street, Jackson Hole

Cowboy Coffee Co. is more than just a coffee shop. It’s also known for its coffee and fruit smoothies, giant sandwiches made with locally processed meats, and freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

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