This ‘Dirty Dancing’ clip set to a Muppets tune is the joy you need today


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There is a rare and beautiful creature stalking the internet and she has done the unimaginable, the inconceivable, the unheard of, the hysterical. 

She is Amanda (check her out on Twitter; she’s super funny), and she has improved the final dance scene in “Dirty Dancing.” Yep, the big scene where Baby makes that leap and all the hard work and practice she did for a couple of days really paid off because not only did she learn a critical dance move, but she fell in love with the very stable and dependable Johnny Castle (you did know his last name was Castle, right? Sounds like a Hollywood detective in the ‘30s, doesn’t it?). That’s the one. You have got to see what Amanda did to it. 

She took that most famous and revered of all beloved movie scenes and she …. She … Brace yourself…

She removed the jubilant, celebratory, most-known song on the entire “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack (also the soundtrack to the entire year of ‘87 and most of ‘88 for a big swath of teenage Gen X’ers), “The Time of My Life,” and she 86’d it. Gave it the old heave-ho, totally axed it, and then she replaced it with perhaps the greatest and truest harbinger of childhood delight, the one song in every single child of the ‘70s lexicon of music.

Yep, it’s The Muppet Show theme song. 

That most-beloved song of puppet-related tunes sets an entire mood, a different mood, to Baby and Johnny’s big dance scene, and it works. The music works. The lyrics work. The whole thing just works. Oh, how it works, and it is glorious. 

Suddenly, the complicated world of Catskills resorts geared to the whole family in the bucolic summers of the early 1960’s melts away and we are left with the distillation, the very essence of, the dance. We always knew it was a time to hit the music, a time to light the lights, it was a time to get things started at Kellerman’s Mountain House that night. 

See the amazing and hysterical new and improved dance seen here. And trust me: You’ll have the time of your life.

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