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Looking for some last-minute Halloween party food recipes that’ll give your guests a fright (well, maybe only when they run out)? Or how about some Halloween party ideas that are cheaper and easier than making a run to Party City or Spirit Halloween? We’ve got some Halloween recipes and DIY Halloween decorations that are perfect for adding some last-minute pizazz to your shindig!

Monster apples
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Stuffed Halloween Pepper

1. Jack-O-Lantern stuffed peppers

These adorable Jack-O-Lantern stuffed peppers are sure to be a crowd favorite. This spooky take on the classic dish only requires a few ingredients and some creativity as you plan what faces to carve on the peppers!

Halloween charcuterie board
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2. Halloween charcuterie board

This Halloween charcuterie board is a great way to offer guests all their favorite Halloween finger foods. You can make it even spookier by cutting cheese and meats using spooky cookie cutters.

Mini spider pizzas
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3. Mini spider pizzas

Mini spider pizzas are a quick and easy Halloween appetizer! Just buy frozen pizza bagels and top them with a spider made out of olives.

Hot dog mummies
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4. Hot dog mummies

OK, so these hot dog mummies may not be the scariest of Halloween recipes, but they sure are adorably “spoopy!” These are sure to be a hit at a party with a mix of adults and kids.

Peanut Butter Cups

5. Peanut butter cups

Looking for a (somewhat) healthier alternative to Reese’s? Try out these peanut butter cups!

Monster eyeball cookies
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6. Monster eyeball cookies

Like the hot dog mummies, these monster eyeball cookies aren’t exactly scary, but they are cute, yummy and quick to bake up! Just put some edible eyeballs on your cookies (which you can dye green or another color before baking to add some Halloween flair) and you’re ready to go!

Halloween monster burger
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7. Monster burgers

If your guests are coming hungry, these monster burgers are a super easy way to feed your guests, especially if you just buy frozen burgers. They’ll be totally on theme, too, if you also plan on making monster eyeball cookies!

Kettle Corn for Halloween

8. Kettle corn

Kettle corn is another great Halloween party food for those feeding a crowd. You can make it extra festive by adding pumpkin pie spice on top!

Boo! Banana Pops
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9. Boo! Banana pops

One thing’s certain: You sure won’t hear anyone booing after guests try these Boo! Banana Pops! This super easy Halloween food idea just involves dipping bananas in frozen yogurt, adding chocolate chips as eyeballs and popping them in the freezer! Alternatively, you can dip them in chocolate and then decorate, as pictured here.

Monster apples
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10. Monster apples

These monster apples may look silly, but they sure are delicious! Just sandwich together two pieces of cut-up apples with peanut butter (or an alternative like almond butter) and add edible googly eyes.

family halloween
Ghoulish garland Halloween
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11. Ghoulish garland

Ghoulish garland is a cute DIY Halloween decoration that’s easy and quick to make. You can even get the kids involved to give them a fun Halloween craft to do … and save you some time!

Wine bottle candlestick holder halloween
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12. Wine bottle candlestick holder

One of the best things about this wine bottle candlestick holder is that you can recycle bottles you already have, making it also eco-friendly! Just clean out an empty bottle, take off the label and you’re good to go!

Spooky spider web Halloween
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13. Spooky spider web

You can use this spooky spider web to decorate both inside and outside your home! Just make it larger or smaller based on the space you want the web to take up.

Halloween photo booth props
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14. Halloween photo booth props

Halloween photo booth props double both as Halloween decorations and a fun activity for guests. You can pretty much use any decorations you may have already bought as the basis of your photo booth, too!

DIY Halloween wreaths
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15. DIY Halloween wreaths

If you’re OK with making a less spooky Halloween wreath, this DIY Halloween decoration can be reused throughout Thanksgiving, too! You can use whatever leftover decorations you have to create your wreath, making it a cost-effective (but still stylish!) Halloween craft!

Pumpkin vase Halloween
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16. Pumpkin vase

You can make a pumpkin vase using either a real or fake pumpkin. You can also change the size of your pumpkin based on the size of the plants or flowers you’re putting in it!

Black flowers Halloween
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17. Black flowers

Now that you have your pumpkin vase, check out these black flowers to elevate the scary factor and create a unique centerpiece! Like the pumpkins, you can either use fresh or fake flowers (although fresh will, of course, cost you more).

Floating witch hat Halloween
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18. Floating witch hat

Few decorations are as quick and easy as these floating witch hats! They can be hung inside or outside, and you can hang as many or as few as you want. You can also customize your hats by using different sizes and colors.

Paper bats Halloween
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19. Paper bats

These paper bats are another Halloween party idea you can outsource to the kids! You can make your bats 3-D by following an origami Halloween bat tutorial or keep it simple by using a 2-D stencil or even a cookie cutter to simply trace out the bats.

Creepy silhouettes Halloween
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