Author: Sarah Duggan


These are the features that really boost your home’s value

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Making a home is like building any relationship: the more love you put in, the more you get out. But there’s a bonus with your home. …


These are the most-filmed streets in America

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The state with the most smart homes may surprise you

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You wouldn’t buy a haunted house. But would you buy a smart home? In both places, things move about by themselves. Everything you say and do is …


The history of American homes, in pictures

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It’s a history of changing demographic, cultural, and social trends. In its relatively short history, American architecture has evolved alongside the changing face of the country, …


In photos: How the American home has changed since the 1800s

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The American home has changed dramatically over the years, but some things remain fundamental: the rooms we use, the reliability we need, the intimacy we desire. With this …