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5 tax advantages for real estate investors

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  Investing in single-family residential real estate offers multiple ways to increase wealth, from cash flow from rental income, to appreciation from an increase in a …


How to remotely invest in real estate

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When Alejandro Ayestarán was thinking of investing remotely in real estate, he was thinking really remote. Like about 6,500 miles remote. Ayestarán lives in San Francisco …


These NFL players’ post-game careers may surprise you

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  Passion and perseverance. Those are the two traits successful entrepreneurs share, Mynd CEO Doug Brien told former and current NFL players at a conference organized …

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Could this city be the new ‘capital’ of the South?

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Atlanta has far surpassed its unglamorous beginnings — founded in 1847 at the terminus of the Western & Atlantic rail line. From its days as military supply …

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Betty White would totally approve of this real estate trend

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  By one measure, the hottest trend in housing has gone to the dogs.   As in pet dogs.   Some 60 million American households, about …

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When inflation hits, this common investment can be a refuge

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  Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell has passed through the five stages of acceptance about inflation.   Originally nominated to the Fed in 2012 and named …


The 10 best neighborhoods in Phoenix for real estate investing

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Devyn Gillespie, a third-generation Arizonan, has spent a good chunk of his career around the Phoenix real estate market, and so he’s seen a few things. …


These eco-friendly home repairs will also save you money

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Converting a house into an environmentally friendly structure does not necessarily require installing an elaborate solar array on the roof or adding space-age construction materials — …


Want to save money? Make this home repair before summer

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  With temperatures soon to rise across the United States, homeowners should be making an appointment with their local heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor. …