Author: Tom Clynes


Did climate change really cause California’s flooding & drought issues?

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For the past several years, Californians have been desperate for rain to quench the state’s worst dry spell in at least 1,200 years. Scorching temperatures have shriveled …


These stunning creatures only exist today because of protection laws

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Marine mammals like whales, dolphins and seals are some of the most charismatic and beloved creatures living in the sea. They also play vital roles as …


7 amazing facts about the world’s ‘Seven Seas’

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The term “the seven seas” has different meanings to different people and cultures. Some think of inland bodies of salt water like the Dead Sea and the …


What is ‘blue carbon’ why is it so important?

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  Carbon that’s captured and stored by the world’s ocean and coastal ecosystems is known as blue carbon. Marine environments have absorbed about a third of …