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10 Best Cities for Homebuyers With a Household Income of $75,000

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Housing affordability is a growing issue, with homeowners spending a higher proportion of their earnings toward homeownership compared to previous years. The average homeowner paid 26.5% …

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75% of Americans Will Tune Into the Super Bowl (Taylor’s Version), Spending $116 on Average

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Taylor Swift fans are coming out of the woods and into the end zone. As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to play the San Francisco 49ers …

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US Gas Prices Drop: See Where Your State’s Prices Rank

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Average monthly gas prices are down $1.80 per gallon from their peak in June 2022, according to the newest LendingTree analysis. Meanwhile, average daily gas prices …

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Gen Zers are the Worst Drivers, With the Highest Accident Rates, Most DUIs & More

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With age comes experience — particularly when it comes to driving. According to the latest LendingTree study, Gen Z drivers had the highest incident rate, the …

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Bioluminescent tides: Waves lit up in blue are rolling onto California’s beaches right now

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California’s beaches are a little extra beautiful these days, and it’s all thanks to something called bioluminescent algae. These are tiny marine phytoplankton that grow on …

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Are passport wait times back to normal? There’s good news

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Planning an international trip over spring break or getting serious about a European summer vacation? The U.S. Department of State has some good news for international …

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You can visit the national parks for free on these days in 2024

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It’s never too early to start planning for your 2024 vacation. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to expensive theme parks or tourist destinations and …

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Get paid $10,000 to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas

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If you’re already looking past the holiday season and gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday, there’s a paying gig you may want to apply for before …

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USDA updated the Plant Hardiness Zone Map, and half the country has shifted

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Anyone who loves gardening knows the importance of understanding their area’s growing conditions. To help farmers and gardeners lay the foundation for their crops and gardens, …

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See the northern lights in parts of the US tonight

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The sun has been throwing out some major magnetic storms recently. According to scientists, thanks to all of this solar activity, parts of the United States …

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Who’s a good boy?! Meet Maverick, this year’s winner of the American Humane Hero Dog Award

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Before you read any further, locate a box of tissues or other absorbent material. American Humane announced the winner of this year’s Hero Dog Award on …

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Why don’t some Americans gain weight on indulgent European vacations?

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The handful of times I’ve been lucky enough to visit Europe, I’ve enjoyed many an amazing meal. In Belgium, I sampled all the beer and chocolate. …

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Whitefish species declared extinct is now confirmed to be alive

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Can you bring a species back from extinction? In the case of one fish, you can — if it never really disappeared! Houting, a whitefish once …

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Simone Biles is now the most decorated competitor in gymnastics history

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After a two-year absence from international competition, Simone Biles roared back in 2023, including at the 2023 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Belgium over the weekend. …

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US passport processing time is now two weeks faster

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Your international travel plans just became a bit less stressful. The U.S. Department of State just announced that they are shaving two weeks off their passport-processing …

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This California town has had a golden retriever as its mayor since 2012

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The town of Idyllwild is a pleasant and quiet small town in California nestled in the San Jacinta Mountains, with plenty of hiking trails, tall pine …

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Michael Jordan becomes first pro athlete on Forbes 400 list

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Michael Jordan is still making history. The 60-year-old basketball legend became the first-ever athlete on the Forbes 400 list. For the last 42 years, Forbes has released …

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Theater tickets from the night Lincoln was assassinated just sold for $262,500

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How much would you pay for two tickets to the April 14, 1865 performance of “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre? That was the question of …

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Read them and “beep”? Study finds that tweens and teens get up to 4,500 phone notifications a day

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We’re all likely aware that teens spend a lot of time on their phones. But a new study dives into just how much of a pull …